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Get to Know Christina Pisano

This interview is a part of the EEDC's Get to Know the Owner Series.

Tell me about your business:

The Research Boutique is a full-service market research company that offers a unique, personalized approach for its clients from start to finish, driven by team members who have over two decades of experience on the client side and understand the expectations of a research vendor.

We believe that market research results are only as good as the input and design put forth in the early stages of the process. The Research Boutique specializes in meeting with all constituents tied to a client’s research at the beginning of a project, ensuring that the methodology and design lead to the strategic results desired by all parties.

The analysis, presentation, and communication of results are customized based on the end audience and are designed to be useful and easy to implement. Creating and delivering insightful market research that facilitates decision-making, drives strategy, and leads to results is our specialty.

How’d you get started?

Growing up, I saw my aunt working in advertising in Manhattan and I remember thinking how cool of a job that would be one day. Right out of college, I started out with an advertising agency in Manhattan focusing on market research. I really enjoyed market research but not in the agency space and transitioned to television at CBS Broadcast Network. I continued my career in corporate working with employers such as AMC Networks, where I headed up research for WE tv and Wedding Central, NBC Universal – Bravo & Oxygen, America Online, and MTV Networks.

After 20 years in corporate, I decided to go out on my own in 2011. With over 30 years of experience in market research, with a specialization in quantitative and mixed-method strategic research, I pride myself on being an expert at designing, implementing, and communicating research that helps define a corporate strategy for clients. My research has appeared on television and in consumer and trade press.

Tell me a little more about yourself

I was born and raised in New York growing up on Long Island and lived in Manhattan for 14 years. We moved to Erie, Colorado in 2017, and while quite different than New York, we really love it.

I also have another business called the Peaceful Elephant. I'm a two-time cancer survivor who is working on balancing my need to be busy with taking time for self-care. Being given a 20% chance of survival at 11 years old, I understand the importance of being your best self and the impact it has on your outlook in life, on your health, and accomplishing your goals. I worked hard to become one of the first 1,000 National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches in the world back in 2017 and am grateful to be able to work with others on their self-care journey.

Personally, I volunteer my time working at the local and state level for political campaigns, am the current President of NAMIC-Denver and manage events and programs for a local non-profit, Being Better Neighbors, that supports DE&I initiatives.

What do you love about having your business in Erie?

I love Erie because I can get involved in so many different things and really get to know the people of the town. Erie still has the small-town feel and you're able to really connect with the community. I really value the relationships I've built so far here.

I'd like to continue to make connections with local business owners and offer solutions for local start-ups and small businesses. While I continue to work with large corporate clients like Amazon, I have a love for small businesses and specifically those around the Erie area.

Want to know more about The Research Boutique? You can find out more on their website:

Stay tuned as we get to know more local business owners in the coming months.


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