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Get to Know Tom Taylor of WM Photos

This interview is a part of the EEDC's Get to Know the Owner Series.

Today, we invite you to get acquainted with Tom Taylor, a remarkable member of our EEDC community. Tom's journey is one that spans various experiences and a deep-rooted passion for the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Tom's journey is unique and inspiring, marked by a deep passion for the outdoors and a dedication to capturing the beauty of the Rockies through his photography. He started his professional life as a machinist in the Navy, where he served during the Vietnam era. After his honorable service, he embarked on an academic path and graduated in Electronic Engineering from Kansas State. Current day, you may find him at the local Dugout, watching KSU football games and enjoying the camaraderie of gamedays.

Get to Know Tom:

In 2000, Tom made the wise choice to move to Erie, bringing his wealth of experiences and his enduring love for nature to our vibrant town. His remarkable background includes 35 years of service in the military, particularly on nuclear submarines, where he served as a Navy Vietnam Veteran. Even before arriving in Colorado, he and his family have cherished vacations in the Rocky Mountains National Park, solidifying his connection to this awe-inspiring natural wonder.

Besides photography, Tom also finds joy in music, singing in a local choir at Columbine Unity and playing the Native American flute. 

About his business:

For over two decades now, Tom has dedicated himself to photographing the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains, sharing it with all who appreciate its splendor. His business, Windmill Photos (WM Photos), aptly takes its name from the theme song of the 'Thomas Crown Affair' movie – 'Windmills of Your Mind.' Tom's mission is to bring nature closer to those who may be too busy to venture into places like RMNP. His portfolio isn't limited to landscapes; he has also specialized in outdoor family photos and has even had the honor of having his work featured on magazine covers.

One notable accomplishment that Tom shares with pride is his first-place win in a local art show six years ago for his enchanting 'Winter Stream.' You can experience the beauty of his art and get in touch with Tom through his website,

What Do You Love About Having Your Business in Erie?

Tom has actively contributed to Erie's growth by serving on the Board of Directors for the Erie Chamber and is now an ambassador for the Chamber. He cherishes the connectedness and the sense of community that Erie offers. Despite the town's growth, he fondly remembers the 'Old Erie' but also appreciates being part of the dynamic transformation.

In closing, Tom Taylor's story embodies the spirit of our community, the essence of preserving nature's wonders, and the joy of being part of Erie's growth. His tagline, 'bringing the natural beauty of the mountains and RMNP to you,' encapsulates his mission, allowing everyone to experience the magnificence of the Rockies. We're privileged to have Tom as a part of our vibrant town and an active member of the EEDC.

Want to know more about WM Photos? Head to their website or check them out on social media. Stay tuned as we get to know more local business owners in the coming months.


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