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Life in Erie, Colorado

Finding balance between its historic small town character and its modern public amenities, Erie residents make the most of Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine and beautiful mountain views.

Let’s just say, it’s good to call Erie home.


To learn more about the demographics of Erie we invite you to read the Town of Erie's community profile.  

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A Community with Perks

With Erie’s fast growing family-centric population, quality of life is king here. This Front Range community offers a bevy of benefits for those who call it home. From an award-winning community center and new parks, to new schools, Erie’s growing fleet of amenities makes choosing Erie an easy choice.

Arts and Entertainment

Erie is home to dozens of active artists and you can find their work at many local businesses, our library and at the Erie Chamber of Commerce.  Erie Chamber also hosts numerous family events, including the Erie Town Fair, Movies in the Park and Concerts in the Park.  


Visit the Town of Erie's & the Erie Chamber of Commerce's website for more information on special events and activities.  



The following text is from the Town of Erie's Community Profile.  You can view the entire document by clicking here.

"Erie’s population is educated, affluent, diverse and dynamic. We offer a higher percentage of college graduates than both the region and the state, and our premier educational and research facilities include a public library and several new schools."

  • 5 Elementary Schools K-5

  • 2 K-8

  • 2 Middle Schools 6-8

  • 2 High Schools 9-12

  • 3 Charter Schools

  • 2 Private & Parochial Schools

"The Erie area is home to: 6 four-year state supported colleges and universities; 9 private four-year universities; 10 two-year colleges; and several world class research institutions."  

Erie's workforce is highly desired!  While the national average of individuals with Bachelors Degrees or higher sits around 30%, Erie exceeds expectations with 59.5%.   

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