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Promote the Town of Erie’s central location to transportation and educational facilities, skilled workforce, quality residential options and affordable new development opportunities to primary employers.


To create a sustainable and balanced community by attracting primary employers and supporting the Town of Erie businesses with information, resources, and professional networks.

A Solid Foundation

Erie is primed and ready for development. We have the workforce, the quality of life and the land.

Let’s say a plastics company expanded into Erie and needed a trucking business to distribute their products. That’s where the Erie Economic Development Council (EEDC) would step in, finding a trucking company to distribute their products in a way where the local economy would benefit from an increase in jobs, and the companies would benefit with added business and productivity. That’s what being part of the EEDC means. We bridge the region’s resources to help grow and nurture your business.


The community has united through the EEDC to seek and welcome business to the area. We support the grassroots growth of a business and the local economy by giving you a voice and the ability to create a sustainable business environment. We are a catalyst for building relationships and business because our members are the community, opening its door to the area and the region. By attracting primary employers and supporting business with information, resources and professional networks, we continue to reach our goal of creating a sustainable and balanced community.


So, after you’ve moved closer to the people you plan to hire, why not move the resources you need closer to you?

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