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EEDC Microgrant Program

The Erie Economic Development Council Microgrants are small financial awards provided to individuals or organizations in the Erie community to support projects that contribute to the economic growth and development of the area. These grants serve as catalysts for innovation, entrepreneurship, and community revitalization by providing funds to help launch or expand initiatives that have a positive impact on the local economy.


The purpose of the microgrants program is to empower and support individuals or groups with innovative ideas, business ventures, or community projects that have the potential to create jobs, enhance downtown areas, attract investments, or foster sustainable economic development. The grants are typically awarded on a competitive basis, with recipients selected based on the potential impact of their projects and the clarity of their proposed plans.

The Erie Economic Development Council recognizes the importance of nurturing local talent, encouraging entrepreneurship, and fostering economic diversity. The microgrants program is designed to provide financial assistance and resources to individuals and organizations that demonstrate a strong commitment to initiatives that align with these goals.

By offering these microgrants, the Erie Economic Development Council aims to empower local entrepreneurs, small businesses, and community organizations, encouraging them to bring their ideas to life, contribute to the local economy, and enhance the overall quality of life for residents in the Erie community.

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