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Get to Know Andrew Burch with HMG Processing

This interview is a part of the EEDC's Get to Know the Owner Series.

Get to Know Andrew Burch, Account Manager:

Andrew, originally hailing from Georgia, had a lifelong dream of living in the Rocky Mountains, a dream he had nurtured since childhood. He's an avid enthusiast of hiking and biking, two passions that align perfectly with Colorado's outdoor lifestyle. Andrew's journey to Colorado was sealed when he met his future wife. Their first conversation, during a casual coffee “non-date” after a chance encounter at a dog park, revolved around the possibility of moving to Colorado. As fate would have it, they moved in 2015, settling initially in the Highlands area before securing jobs in Boulder, which prompted a move to Lafayette. Eventually, with the arrival of their second child, they found their perfect family haven in Erie, a community they've grown to love. Erie's vibrant mix of shops, restaurants, and family-friendly atmosphere struck a chord with them.

Andrew's career journey has been diverse and engaging. He spent five years as the Customer Experience Manager at Avid4Adventure, a role that involved wearing many hats, from IT and registration to marketing. His knack for multitasking and diverse skill sets led him to Elevations Credit Union, where he started as a commercial business banking specialist and gradually ascended to AVP Commercial and Business Operations. During this time, he interacted with HMG Processing as a vendor, developing a strong rapport with the company. In October, he made the move to HMG, driven by the desire to work on the vendor side and help small businesses navigate the intricacies of merchant services.

About HMG Processing:

HMG Processing was founded by local Colorado individuals who were determined to change how small businesses were treated in the merchant services industry. They were dissatisfied with the prevalent fine print and less-than-transparent practices. HMG emphasizes upfront openness and education about all fees involved in merchant services, ensuring clients fully understand their financial implications. Their approach sets them apart, focusing on providing excellent service and keeping revenue localized.

The company specializes in custom business solutions, firmly believing that one-size-fits-all doesn't serve every business's unique needs. They take a consultative approach, working closely with business owners to tailor merchant services solutions to their specific requirements. HMG Processing caters to a wide range of businesses, from processing credit cards through Point of Sale (POS) systems and QuickBooks integrations to offering programs that eliminate website credit card fees.

What Do You Love About Doing Business in Erie?

Andrew's role primarily centers around north of Highway 36, and he spends much of his time around Erie and his dedicated territory. Andrew is deeply immersed in the Erie business community. He finds Erie's culture and sense of community incredibly appealing and enjoys being part of its ongoing growth. Andrew's passion lies in helping businesses simplify their operations and reduce costs. He frequently engages with businesses using multiple platforms, such as Shopify for e-commerce, a separate POS system, and QuickBooks for invoicing, to review their current solutions, costs, and services. Andrew is a strong advocate for small businesses and relishes the opportunity to educate and assist them.

Want to know more about HMG Processing? Head to their website. Stay tuned as we get to know more local business owners in the coming months.


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