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Victoria Meyer

phone #:


615 Briggs St Suite C

Piripi offers a fun and relaxing atmosphere inclusive of everyone. Our menu meets a variety of dietary restrictions including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free. We also offer a kids room for children to entertain themselves while adults indulge.


REAL Properties dba Ziggis Coffee

Brett Russell

phone #:


4885 Avery Court Erie CO 80516

Our company REAL Properties has purchased 3 franchise rights for Ziggis Coffee. We are about to break ground on our first location in Lafayette in the SOLA area in the next month or so. Our next target location is the 4-corner are of Erie, in which we are looking at sites in Erie Commons and Coal Creek area. We expect to go under contact on a Erie site within the next 3 months with a projected opening of our first Erie location in 2022. We are also looking along the Hwy 7 corridor for our 3rd location which may be in Erie or Broomfield.

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