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Get to Know Brooke & Danielle from Teak+Amber Interiors

This interview is a part of the EEDC's Get to Know the Owner Series.

Tell me a little more about yourselves:

Brooke Ewing & Danielle Lambert own Teak + Amber Interiors, a small residential design firm run out of their homes here in Erie.

Brooke grew up just up the road in Niwot. So moving to Erie was like moving back home. All three sets of her grandparents are here in the area, and it was important to give her kids the experience of growing up in a small town.

Brooke went to school for a degree in Economics with minors in business and history. She worked for a financial firm and lived in Denver for 14 years before going back to school for interior design and switching from work to her passion.

"I remember being on maternity leave and never wanting to pass up a minute that I got to hold my newborn daughter Addison. As I was holding her one day, I stared into her eyes, wondering who she would become and how incredible it would be to see her grow and help foster her dreams. It was one of those moments that made me reflect on how many times I had recently felt unsettled, burnt out, and questioned why I wasn't following my own." - Brooke

Brooke has always been drawn to transforming spaces, making each one unique with layers of texture, bringing forward a unique piece of art, light, or furniture into the room for character. After years of late nights completing online school and working for a builder/design firm, I followed my passion into a full-time design career. Leaving behind a successful career in the financial industry, a company, and friends that I had grown up with for over fourteen years.

Danielle studied interior design at Colorado State University. After completing her degree, she began managing design and remodel projects for a property management company. She then gained her real estate license, allowing her to remodel and design her properties.

"My passion for design began when I was a little girl living with my dad. He allowed me to help make decisions on how our home was decorated. My love for making a house feel like a home grew from there." - Danielle

Tell me about your business:

At Teak + Amber Interiors, we aim to help you make your house feel like your home... elevated. We love creating modern homes that are comfortable for daily life and inspire well-being for our clients. We specialize in kitchen, bath, and basement remodeling. We also offer modified services for residential contractors, full design, cabinetry design, and finish materials selections for their clients.

What do you love about having your business in Erie?

"I remember Erie when it was a dirt road in Old Town. My husband grew up in Kenosha Farms, and while Erie looks different now, it has maintained that small-town charm. I love how supportive this community has been of our business." - Brooke Ewing

Want to know more about Teak + Amber Interiors and check out their services? Head to their website or check them out on social media.

Stay tuned as we get to know more local business owners in the coming months.


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