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Get to Know Bernadette Melton

This interview is a part of the EEDC's Get to Know the Owner Series.

Tell me about your business.

I'm Bernadette Melton with Canzell Realty. I focus solely on residential real estate in Erie and the surrounding areas.

How’d you get started?

I’ve been working in real estate since 2016. My husband and his friend started a real estate brokerage and I kind of got looped in! I had always been interested in real estate but the timing hadn't worked out before. A career in real estate is such a great fit for my life.

I love helping sellers close the door on one chapter of their lives as they (literally) open the door on the next one. And I love helping find the right home for homebuyers, that “this is it!” look is priceless. Real estate is challenging, always different, and provides a unique opportunity to share in the lives of the people I work with.

Tell me a little more about yourself

I was born and raised in Indiana. I first visited Colorado in high school and knew this was where I wanted to live. I graduated from Purdue University in 2004 with degrees in animal science and veterinary medicine and relocated to Colorado with my husband right after our wedding. I worked in Denver for 3 years as a small animal Veterinarian until we had our first son, and then chose to stay home to raise him and our next two children.

I moved to Erie in 2013 and love being a part of this community both for work and raising my family.

As a former small animal Veterinarian, I worked with my clients to understand complicated medical conditions, evaluate their options, and make choices that worked for their situations. While I'm no longer practicing medicine, I find the same skills that I used then carry over to real estate - helping clients understand complicated contracts, evaluate the market and their options, and then make choices that work for their situations. Buying and selling a home can be a very emotional process, just like working with sick animals, and I'm glad I’ve had the opportunity to walk with families through both.

My passion is to serve my community and lead with integrity. I want to be a valuable guide and trusted advisor on my client’s real estate journey. I love to connect families with the resources they need, from mortgage lenders to handymen. Whether it’s finding a new home to meet their needs, or finding the right person to make their existing home work better for them, I’m happy to help however I can!

What do you love about having your business in Erie?

Grew up in a pretty small town and hated it as a kid, but as an adult really liked it. Erie is a community that still has the small-town feel that I love. I love being a part of community building and running into people that I know pretty much everywhere I go. I'm excited to continue to build long-term relationships, both personally and professionally here.

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