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The following text is from the Town of Erie's Community Profile.  You can view the entire document by clicking here.

"Erie’s population is educated, affluent, diverse and dynamic. We offer a higher percentage of college graduates than both the region and the state, and our premier educational and research facilities include a public library and several new schools."

  • 5 Elementary Schools K-5

  • 2 K-8

  • 2 Middle Schools 6-8

  • 2 High Schools 9-12

  • 3 Charter Schools

  • 2 Private & Parochial Schools

"The Erie area is home to: 6 four-year state supported colleges and universities; 9 private four-year universities; 10 two-year colleges; and several world class research institutions."  

Erie's workforce is highly desired!  While the national average of individuals with Bachelors Degrees or higher sits around 30%, Erie exceeds expectations with 59.5%.   

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